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PMC170H-PG160F washer

Pressure washers consists of a combustion engine, pump, water supply hose and carrying off the water under pressure hose, culminating in a gun with a lance. Additional elements are connected to the tank with detergent, a set of nozzles and an external water filter. High Pressure washer is a professional device designed for diverse applications. High pressure washers are differentiated primarily in terms of range of water pressure to reach from 160 to 250 bar. Depending on your needs you can control the intensity of pressure washers water jet. A new offering from PEZAL is a model with water heater up to 60oC. High temperature significantly increases the effectiveness of cleaning agents and facilitates the removal of grease.

PKPV10-500A, PKTS2.0-16B and PKPB5.5-150A compressors

Compressors offered by Pezal have a wide range of performance. As a professional model with the highest performance is PKPV10-500A compressor with a capacity of order of 1156L/min that has a reservoir with a capacity 500L. It is the largest two-stage compressor in the offer and one of the few manufactures pressure of 12 bar. The smallest compressor available is PKTS2.0-16B. This small compressor powered by a 1-phase 1.5kW/2.0Hp motor. The efficiency of this device is 198L/min. However, in situations when we do not have access to electricity, or to the generator, it is convenient to use a compressor driven by an internal combustion engine with manual start-up - the company's offer is PKPB5.5-150A model. The compressor has a single cylinder air cooled OHV gasoline engine with a capacity of 196cm3. The efficiency of this device is 335L/min.